AutoPatcher Documentation :: Office GUIDs

By Erik Ramery & Lyndon Brown, Version 1.0.0, Updated 20th August 2007

1 - Preface

This is an extension to the APM format documentation, providing further details on using GUIDs for Microsoft Office application detection in modules for AutoPatcher version 5.6.

2 - Introduction

GUID stands for Globally Unique Identifier. A GUID is a unique number assigned to a single program to identify it across all systems it's installed on (no two programs on your computer will have the same GUID). A detection scheme based on Office's GUID is required since Microsoft Update doesn't care what components of Office are installed on your computer (Word, Excel, etc). The Microsoft Update site will scan for the GUID of your Office product in the Windows registry and gives you all updates for your Office Suite. Example: Your version of Office is Microsoft Office Professional 2003, but you decided not to install Outlook; Even though you don’t have Outlook installed, the Microsoft Update site will still offer updates for Outlook!

3 - GUID Templates

The default GUID templates that you must use for Office:

Office XP/2002{**PPLLLL-6000-11D3-8CFE-0050048383C9}
Office XP/2002 (Visio Only){**PPLLLL-6D54-11D4-BEE3-00C04F990354}
Office 2003{**PPLLLL-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}
Office 2007{********-PPPP-LLLL-****-X000000FF1CE}


PProduct ID
LLanguage Identifier

Note that a * character is a "wild card", representing any possible character. Normally this particular character represents 'one or more' of them, but in this particular case, one * equals one character. If a place holder such as Language isn't important, i.e. the module your using it in applies to any language edition of the product, rather than using a specific language identifier in place of the language place holder, you can use * characters!

4 - Details

There are three pieces of info that vary between office products in the above GID templates.

Product ID: The product ID is the version of the Office suite or program, such as Microsoft Office Professional 2007 or Microsoft Office Standard 2007. Each generation of Office will have a different product ID.

Language Identifier: The language identifier, or 'LCID', varies from language to language. Note, the hexadecimal representation of the LCID is used, not the decimal one. For example, 1033 (English) is "0409" in hexadecimal.

Architecture: Office 2007 will install either the x86 or x64 version of Office depending on your platform.

5 - Example

Our example GUID: {**CA0409-6000-11D3-8CFE-0150048383C9}

Lets dis-assemble it and see what product this is for!

  1. First of all, this GUID fits onto the 'Office 2003' template, so we know it's from the Office 2003 suite.
  2. From the template we can now extract the Product ID and Language Identifier (Note that Architecture does not apply here - no X place holder in the template):
    - Product ID is characters 3 & 4: CA.
    - Language Identifier is characters 5 to 8: 0409.
  3. Looking up the Language Identifier in Appendix A tells us it's English.
  4. Looking up the Product ID in the Office 2003 table in Apendix A tells us it's "Office Small Business Edition 2003".

So, we can determin that this GUID is for the English edition of Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003!

Appendix A - Office GUID product data

Codes used in Office GUIDs.

A.1 - Product ID's

Office XP/2002:

11Office XP Professional
12Office XP Standard
13Office XP Small Business
28Office XP Professional w/ FrontPage
29Office XP Professional w/ Subscription
2AOffice XP Small Business w/ Subscription
3DOffice XP Standard Edition for Students/Teachers

15Access 2002
1CAccess 2002 Runtime
16Excel 2002
17FrontPage 2002
1DFrontPage Server Extensions 2002
1EOffice Multilingual User Interface Pack
23Office Multilingual User Interface Pack Wizard
1FOffice Proofing Tools Kit
51Office Visio Professional 2003
54Office Visio Standard 2003
26Office Web Components
30Office XP Media Content
35Office XP Media Content Deluxe
24Office XP Resource Kit
25Office XP Resource Kit Tools
1AOutlook 2002
18PowerPoint 2002
27Project 2002
31Project 2002 Web Client
32Project 2002 Web Server
19Publisher 2002
2BPublisher 2002 Deluxe Edition
1BWord 2002
3BProject 2002 Professional
3AProject 2002 Standard
20System Files Update

Office 2003:

11Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003
12Office Standard Edition 2003
13Office Basic Edition 2003
CAOffice Small Business Edition 2003
E3Office Professional Edition 2003 (w/InfoPath 03)
??Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003

15Office Access 2003
1COffice Access 2003 Runtime
16Office Excel 2003
84Office Excel Viewer 2003
17Office FrontPage 2003
44Office InfoPath 2003
A1Office OneNote 2003
FDOffice Outlook 2003 (distributed by MSN)
1AOffice Outlook Professional 2003
E0Office Outlook Standard 2003
18Office PowerPoint 2003
3BOffice Project Professional 2003
16Office Project Server 2003
3AOffice Project Standard 2003
19Office Publisher 2003
51Office Visio Professional 2003
53Office Visio Standard 2003
52Office Visio Viewer 2003
1BOffice Word 2003
85Office Word Viewer 2003
26Office XP Web Components
AEOrganization Chart 2.0
14Windows SharePoint Services 2.0

Office 2007:

0013Office Basic 2007
0030Office Enterprise 2007
002FOffice Home and Student 2007
0014Office Professional 2007
0011Office Professional Plus 2007
00CAOffice Small Business 2007
0012Office Standard 2007
002EOffice Ultimate 2007

00A7Calendar Printing Assistant for Outlook 2007
0015Office Access 2007
001COffice Access Runtime 2007
0020Office Compatibility Pack
0016Office Excel 2007
0029Office Excel 2007
00BAOffice Groove 2007
0044Office InfoPath 2007
10D7Office InfoPath Forms Services
00A9Office InterConnect 2007
00A1Office OneNote 2007
00A3Office OneNote Home Student 2007
001AOffice Outlook 2007
00E0Office Outlook 2007
0018Office PowerPoint 2007
0037Office PowerPoint 2007
00AFOffice PowerPoint Viewer 2007 (English)
003BOffice Project Professional 2007
003AOffice Project Standard 2007
0019Office Publisher 2007
0017Office SharePoint Designer 2007
110DOffice SharePoint Server 2007
0051Office Visio Professional 2007
0053Office Visio Standard 2007
0052Office Visio Viewer 2007
001BOffice Word 2007
002BOffice Word 2007
00B0The Save as PDF add-in
00B2The Save as PDF or XPS add-in
00B1The Save as XPS add-in
0026Expression Web

A.2 - Language Identifier

Use the 'hex' value!

Portuguese (Brazil)10460416
Portuguese (Portugal)20700816

A.3 - Architecture

x86 (32-bit)0
x64 (64-bit)1